Andrew & Heidi (Easter - Te Papa and Zealandia)

Lyka (On the bed at home)

Dante (Also on the bed)

Storm (Waiting for a tickle before eating)

Heidi (Next to an ArtWork outside Te Papa Museum)

Marae (Made of wood - Inside Te Papa)

Carved Face (On a piece of Rock)

Heidi (And her new car)

Sping DogFish (Or Fish and Chips in New Zealand)

View near Island Bay (Note the Ocean Colours)

Heidi (In front of a large rock)

Andrew (Outside Zealandia)

Moa (Inside Zealandia - Extinct)

New Exhibition Center (Zealandia)

Karori Wildlife Center (Zealandia)

Green Gecko (Not seen in the area for over 30 years)

Tuatara (Was extinct on Main Land, but now re-introduced here)

Kaka (At a feeding station)

Common Garden Variety Bird (At Zealandia)

Just one of many forest walks (At Zealandia)

Dam Wall (At Zealandia)

Interesting Water Swirls (At Zealandia)

Wood Pigeon (At Zealandia)

Yet Another Birdie (At Zealandia)

Andrew (Near the Gold Mine)

Saddleback (Extinct since 1910, now thriving at Zealandia)

Pateke (Small duck whow wanted to attack Heidi)

Shags (At Zealandia)