Andrew, Heidi (In New Plymouth) and with Vanessa and Wayne (In the Coromandel)

On a beach near New Plymouth (Little girl in Sand Car)

Festival of Lights in New Plymouth (Waterfall)

Festival of Lights in New Plymouth (View of Restaurant across the lake)

Festival of Lights in New Plymouth (New Bridge)
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Festival of Lights in New Plymouth (Cabbage Trees)
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Festival of Lights in New Plymouth (Ferns)

Grant (Working at his desk at home)

Heidi, Layne, Sandy (New Plymouth)

Interesting Edge of Tree

Vanessa and Heidi (Before the attack of the bugs)

Heidi (Sipping Tea)

Silouhette (In Fielding)

Heidi (Behind a grave stone)

Vanessa and Wayne (On the large gumboot)

Vanessa Sprawled (On the large gumboot)

Hot Pool (Tokaanu)

Vanessa and Heidi (In front of a geothermal pool at Tokaanu)

Heidi and Vaness (At the Huka Falls)

Andrew, Heidi, Vanessa and Wayna (At the Huka Falls)

Vanessa (The Hooker)

Wayne (Mooning)

Heidi and Vanessa (Showing their Craters)

Heidi, Andrew, Vanessa and Wayne (At the Craters of the Moon)

Smelly Vanessa (At the Craters of the Moon)

A Large Crater (At the Craters of the Moon)

Colourful Rocks (At Oraki-Korako)

Sulpher covered Rocks (At Oraki-Korako)

End of Tree Branch with Kio Ora Carved into it (At Oraki-Korako)

Volcanic Ash (At Oraki-Korako)

Vanessa, Wayne and Heidi (At Oraki-Korako)

View of the Cave Exit (At Oraki-Korako)

Vanessa and Wayne in the Cave - Note the water colour (At Oraki-Korako)

More Spectacular Views (At Oraki-Korako)

Wayne and Vanessa (Zorbing in Rotorua)

Vanessa and Wayne (Just finished Zorbing)

Wayne and Vanessa (About to go Luging)

Vanessa and Wayne (On the Luge in Rotorua)

Vanessa and Wayne (On the dingy to White Island)

Dolphins (Spotted on the way to White Island)

The Pee-Jay Boat (That took us to White Island - 1 hour)

Sulphur Craters (On White Island)

Heidi and Vanessa (In front of a fumerole - White Island)

More Sulphur Rocks (White Island)

Vanessa and Heidi (In front of an acidic caldera on White Island)

The Acid Caldera (White Island - Active Volcanic Island)

Sulphur River (White Island)

Photo Windows (White Island)

Heidi (Holding up a huge Kiwi)

Heidi (Hugging a large Kiwi)

Vanessa (With a blowup Kiwi)

Sunset (From Mt Maunganui in Tauranga)

Mt Maunganui (At night)

Wayne (Sunrise over Mt Maunganui)

Vanessa (Sitting on a branch near Bowentown)

View of Outside of Cave (Bowentown Beach)

Heidi inside the Cave (Bowentown Beach)

View of the River (Hidden Spot that the Locals Swim in)

View of the Pump House (In Waihi)

Heidi (In front of a Gold and Silver Mine in Waihi)

Just loved this Sign (Gay Laywers ???)

Andrew in front of Caterpillar Truck (Note the size)

Vanessa, Heidi and Andrew (Along the Parakiwai Walkway)

Wayne, Vanessa and Heidi (Swimming in a Pool along the Parakiwai Walkway)

Wayne (At a Blast From the Past - Whangamata)

Rocky Outcrop (Cathedral Cove)

Cathedral Cove

Water dripping from above (Cathedral Cove)

Heidi (With Cathedral Cove in the "Palm" of her hand)

Heidi (Inside one cave at Cathedral Cove)

View of the Ocean (From Inside a cave at Cathedral Cove)

Sea Gull (Cathedral Cove)

Heidi (Along the walkway to Cathedral Cove)

View of Hot Water Beach

Focal Point Girl (at Hot Water Beach - Volcanic Heated Water)

Waiai Waterfall (Near the Coromandel)

Pigs (Near the Coromandel)

Russian House (Hamilton Botanical Gardens)
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Sicada Beetle (Near Waitomo)

Glow Worms (At the Waitomo Cave - Photo of a Photo)

Heidi (In the Ruakuri Caves)

Heidi in a Narrow Tunnel (In the Ruakuri Caves)

Interesting Cave Staglagmites (In the Ruakuri Caves)

More Cave Walls (In the Ruakuri Caves)

Andrew, Heidi, Vanessa and wayne (In the Ruakuri Caves)

Vanessa and Wayne (Crossing the bridge to Omaru falls)

Omaru Falls

Vanessa (Asleep after a long day) and Wayne (In the car)

Moo-na-lisa (In Bulls)

Las Veggies (In Bulls)