Riversdale, Tulip Festival and Glow Worm Walk

Riversdale Cafe (About 1.5 hours NE of Wellington)

Sunset (From Castle Point)

Andrew & Heidi (At Castle Point)

Castle Point Light House

Sorin & Cristina (At Castle Point)

Home of the Lost Soles (At Castle Point)

Horse Rider (On the beach near Paraparamu)

Wellington (The building with the satellite dish is the one I work in)

Re-opened Art Center (In the Civic Square)

Reflecions of Fern Ball (In the Civic Square)

Floating Fern Ball and Art Center (In the Civic Square)

Cable Car Lane (Off Lambton Quay)

Botanical Gardens (Note the person at the top of the tree)
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Heidi and a WOW Costume (World of Wearable Art)

View of Lower Botanical Gardens

Heidi and the Plants (At the Botanical Gardens)

Tulips (At the Botanical Gardens)

More Tulips (At the Botanical Gardens)

Andrew at the Windmill (Tulip Festival at the Botanical Gardens)

Heidi in the Tulips (At the Botanical Gardens)

Interesting Plant (At the Botanical Gardens)

Glow Worms (Taken at night with flash, but body glows in the dark)

Lyka and Dante (At the house)