Palmerston North, Skline Trail and Somes Island

Andreea, Sorin, Cristina, Vili (Top of the Wairarapa Range)

Heidi (On a lift to the Martinborough Fair)

The Old Steam Engine (Martinborough Fair)

Heidi catching bubbles (Martinborough Fair)

Tui Advert (Martinborough Fair)

T-Shirt Rip Offs (Some are very clever) (Martinborough Fair)

Indians playing ethnic music (Martinborough Fair)

Woof Woof Grrr Grrr (All made out of driftwood) (Martinborough Fair)

Cristina and a bored Sorin (Martinborough Fair)

Church in Martinborough

Look at that HUGE Mushroom (Masterton)

More mushrooms (Masterton)

Heidi on a Bridge (Masterton)

Sorin, Cristina and Heidi circle a tree (Masterton)

Happy Coffee (Mount Bruce)

Cristina and Heidi (Anzac Bridge)

Sun behind the clouds (Near the Anzac Bridge)

Heidi sitting on the Polish War Memorial

Te Apiti Wind Farm (Palmerston North)

Cristina (Manawatu River behind her)

Town Square (Palmerston North)

Town Square (Palmerston North)

Heidi in the Town Square (Palmerston North)

Te Apiti Wind Farm (Note the sunlight) (Palmerston North)

Heidi at the FREEZING COLD Te Apiti Wind Farm (Palmerston North)

Sorin, Cristina and Heidi Freezing at the Wind Farm (Palmerston North)

Bugs Bugs and more Bugs (Palmerston North Art Gallery)

Old Bridge (near Palmerston North)

Another view of the Old Bridge (near Palmerston North)

Sorin standing on the remains of the Old Bridge (near Palmerston North)

Heidi (Currently at 2.2m tall) (near Palmerston North)

Fairy forest (near Levin)

A BIG bird (Not chasing Heidi this time) (near Levin)

View from Cristina and Sorin's place in Normindale

Mushroom (Along the Skyline trail)

Chris and Sorin (Halfway up the first hill to the Skyline trail)

Radio Tower (At the top of the first hill along the Skyline trail)

Chris and Sorin (At the Witches Hat)

View from atop the Skyline trail

Interesting trees along the Skyline trail tramp
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Heidi on the Ferry to Somes Island
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Somes Island (1.5km North to South and 500m East to West)

Hector Dolphin (Only 111 in existence - Endangered)

View from atop Somes Island (Owned by the Dept of Conservation)

Lighthouse (On Somes Island)

Rock Caves (On Somes Island)

Andrew and Heidi (On Somes Island)
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Birdie (Posing very nicely on Somes Island)

Heidi (Standing in the Bunkers on Somes Island)

Closeup of Bee (On Somes Island)

Skink (On Somes Island)