Andrew in New Zealand (Geocaching around Wellington, Santas Parade)

Rae and Chris (Yetrees - Geocaching Friends)

The Gateway (Maori art at a school)

Windmill (The only one in Wellington)

Kai (Part of Richkai - Geocaching Friends)

Richard (Part of Richkai - Geocaching Friends)

Awesome beach and sky photo in Otaki

Whitebait River view

Statue at the top of a hill in Otaki

Near where Rivendell was filmed.

Richard and the Big Tree (Rivendell)

Fern Leaf (Note the extra bits that fall off and seed immediately)

Andrew and his new car (Freelander)

Andrew, Richard and Kai (Having a picnic)

Ducks (Very agressive and demanding ones)

The Wellington Fault Line (Yes you can actaully see it)

Views from Island Bay (Stunning)

Views from Island Bay (Of the Rocks nearby)

Datacom Offices (I work 6th floor on right hand building)

Corgies on Parade (Santas Parade)

Cat in the Hat (Santas Parade)

Happy Feet (Santas Parade)

Interesting photo of cheerleader (Santas Parade)

Bob the Builder (Santas Parade)

Star Wars (Santas Parade)

Bollywood (Santas Parade)

Hokus Pokus (Santas Parade)

Flower on Stilts (Santas Parade)

Pirates of the Carribean (Santas Parade)

The Simpsons (Santas Parade)

Swan Lake (Santas Parade)

All the people at the parade (About 2 streets seen here only)

View from Water Tower in Plimmerton looking over Paremata