Andrew and Heidi in New Zealand (Coromandel, Taupo, Rotorua etc)

View of the coast (Coromandel)

View of inland (Coromandel)

Another view of the Coromandel

A postbox (They are all shapes and sizes)

Signpost (Coromandel)

Heidi, Some Famous Basketball Player, Andrew (Coromandel)

Buddist Temple (Coromandel)

Heidi outside the Colville Cafe (Coromandel)

Heidi inside the Colville Cafe (Coromandel)

View after Heidi got shocked by electric fence (Coromandel)

Yes even the rubbish is FREE (Coromandel)

View from East Coast of Coromandel

Another view of the Coromandel

Yes its cold and rainy but beautiful (Coromandel)

Huge Kiri Twins (Coromandel)

Another small village along the Coromandel coast

Just loved this toilet (Just outside Thames)

Heidi and the flowers (Gordonton)

View of a river (On way down to Taupo)

Corrogated iron dog (Actually the Information Center)

And of course the matching sheep (On way down to Taupo)

Who's a Sexy Girl (Heidi)

And who's a Sexy Boy (Andrew)

Volcanic Activity center (Experience a earthquake of 5.5 here) (Taupo)

A duck (Huka Falls in Taupo)

View of the clear water and moss (Huka Falls in Taupo)

The Huka Falls (Taupo)

Andrew and Heidi (With Huka Falls in Background)

Walk along the Huka River (Taupo)

Geyser (Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Andrew and Heidi with erupting geyser (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

A view at Wai-o-tapu wonderland of Sulphur lakes

More sulphur lakes (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Heidi in front of the Champaigne Pool (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Heidi (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

The ground (Note the little indents) (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Andrew at Devils Pools (At Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Mud Pools (Near Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Boiling mud spurting from the ground (Near Wai-o-tapu wonderland)

Kerosene Creek (Really impressive warm lake) (Outside Rotorua)

Sulphur pool (Rotorua)

Burried Village (Rotorua)

View of trees at the Burried Village (Rotorua)

Waterfall at the Burried Village (Rotorua)

Waterfall at the Burried Village (Rotorua)

Waterfall at the Burried Village (Rotorua)

Yacht on Lake Taupo

View of snow capped mountains behind Lake Taupo

Note the height of the snow the cars need to get through (Mt Raupehu)

View from Ski Lift on Mt Raupehu

Views of mountains at Mt Raupehu

More views of mountains (Mt Raupehu)

Heidi and Andrew at Top of Ski Lift (Mt Raupehu)

On Ski Lift Going Down (Mt Raupehu)

Another view of the volcano (Mt Raupehu)

More scenic snow views (Mt Raupehu)

Heidi at the Halfway Ski Lift (Mt Raupehu)

Rapids near Mt Raupehu

River near Mt Raupehu

Aratiatia River (Taupo)

Powerstation (Aratiatia River)

Glass Blowing at Lava Glass (Taupo)

Peacock (Taupo)

Heidi on Bridge (On way to Napier)

Under the bridge (What we do for geocaching)

Statue of Lady in Napier

Te Mata (Thats the original spelling before they shortened the name)

View of Mountains in Hawkes Bay (Near Napier)

And of course the sheep (and their babies)

Awesome tree (Napier)

Mosaic Place in Napier

Flowers (Taupo Botanical Gardens)

Flowers (Taupo Botanical Gardens)

Hot Spring River (Taupo)

Hot Spring River (Taupo)

Rotorua Museum

Beautiful Flowers in Rotorua