Andrew and Heidi in New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Castle Point etc)

The Flying Fox (At the Gravity Canyon)

Heidi at the Gravity Canyon

The Old Bridge that collapsed at the Gravity Canyon

What you looking at ???

Its time for a cookie.. (DC3 you can go into and eat your cookies)

Windmill at Foxton (Turning it into extreme sport - Strapped to Arm)

View of Airport from Mt Victoria (Wellington)

View of the City from Mt Victoria (Wellington)

Wellington Cable Car (Top to Bottom of Botanical Gardens) (Wellington)

Time telling device in Botanical Gardens (Very accurate using shadows)

View of Mountians (Heading North to Auckland)

Sky Tower and Auckland City

Sign for those who have been to Australia

The Sky Tower (From the Bottom)

Andrew on the see through glass at the top of the Sky Tower

View from Top of Skytower (Auckland Central)

View from Top of Skytower (Bridge to North Shore)

They're comming to get me (Wanted to attack Heidi)

Heidi at Waterfall (Further North than Auckland)

Views of the North Part of North Island

Metal Llamas

Outside a Farm (Looks like Gandalf)

Extreme Traffic Jam (Up North)

Maori Art (At Goat Island)

View near Goat Island (Stunning)

Goat Island (Boat is glass bottomed)

Small Caves in Nature Reserve

View of the Ocean from inside a small cave

View of Snow Capped Volcanoes (On way down to Wellington)

View of Snow Capped Volcanoes (On way down to Wellington)

Note the Husbands Waiting Seat

Dam (16m deep - Contains enough water for ONE day in Wellington)

Rivendell (Exactly where the scene from Lord of the Rings was filmed)

Suspension Bridge (Heidi in the Middle, jumping up and down)

Tree hugging Andrew (Carried from Wellington in a wheelbarrow at age 3)

I have a Chicken (Just loved this sign)

Heidi at Castle Point (Very windy)

Lighthouse at Castle Point

View of mountain passes (Very windy roads)