New Plymouth (Taranaki, Wanganui)

Heidi on the Rocks (Quite a cool drink) - Island Bay

Cemetry in Foxton

Sorin, Cristina and Heidi (A farmers life - Foxton)

Why we love New Zealand (No thats not our car!)

Look carefully and you can see the fairies

Looks like a hobbit would live here

Or here

Heidi in the line of fire

Forests near the Dawson Falls

The Dawson Falls

Cristina, Heidi and Andrew by the Dawson Falls

Sorin, Cristina and Heidi (With the Dawson Falls behind them)

Heidi (In the Fairy Forest near Dawson Falls)

Mt Taranaki or Mt Eggmont (This is a colour photograph)

Ode to Rain (For any hiker out there a must read)

Heidi in the Snow (At Mt Taranaki)

Heidi, Cristina and Sorin (At Mt Taranaki)

The car park from the walk to the lodge (At Mt Taranaki)

View over Lake Mangamahoe (New Plymouth)

View over Lake Mangamahoe (New Plymouth)

Cristina, Heidi and Sorin at Lake Mangamahoe (New Plymouth)

Mt Taranaki (Peaking above the clouds)

Cristina and Heidi (Searching for the Giant Rimu) at Burgess Park

Another reason why we love New Zealand (This was there for 2 days)

The Vicarage Pottery House (You could almost be in Ireland)

Clock Tower (New Plymouth)

I Wouldn't go any faster either (North of New Plymouth)

Beautiful Beaches (West Coast)

Cliffs (West Coast)

Shoe Tree (Yes they do exist - Here is proof)

Shoe Walls (Those also exist)

Awesome Views (West Coast)

Look at those caves (Tongaporutu)

Heidi in an impressive cave (Tongaporutu)

Cristina and Sorin (Outside the caves at Tongaporutu)

The Needle (Along the 7.5km Walkway in New Plymouth)

Now we know what really is at the end of the rainbow (New Plymouth)

Look carefully (Eroding around the sand)

Bridge (Near the Wreck)

Wreak of the Gairloch (West Coast)
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Sorin, Cristina and Heidi (In front of the Lighthouse)

Lighthouse (Most Western Point of New Zealand)

Views of the Ocean (Near the Lighthouse)

Sorin, Cristina and Heidi (Near the Lighthouse)

Opunake (Suring competition)

Sorin (Hiding in the trees near Opunake)

Anyone Hungry (Manaia the Bread Capital)

Views of the Deserted Beaches (Waverly)

Incredible Cliffs (Waverly)

Heidi in another Cave (Lots of them on the West Coast)

Andrew (Yes thats me on the top)

Heidi (With the Cliffs in the background)

Monument (Wanganui)

Some more interesting pieces (Wanganui)

Durie Hill (And yes you can climb to the top) (Wanganui)

Heidi, Sorin and Cristina (At the top of the tower in Wanganui)

View from top of Tower (Wanganui)

View from top of Tower (Wanganui)

Heidi (Playing with the creatures - Park in Wanganui)

Heidi (Riding the tortoise - Park in Wanganui)

Who said Cinderella doesn't exist (Heidi and the Pumpkin)

Heidi (Playing Firewoman - Park in Wanganui)

Tower in Park (Wanganui)