Andrew, Heidi, Ayden and Jeanette in the South Island

Jeanette and Andrew (Geocaching Event in Wellington)
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Ayden (and his Slinky)

Leaving on the Interislander (On Christmas Day)

On the Interislander (Smallest one)

Ayden in the Macpac and Heidi (in Picton on the Beach)

Dried Riverbed (in Picton)

Andrew and Heidi (near Kaikoura)

Lobster Inn (near Kaikoura)

Peninsula (at Kaikoura)

Sunset (in Kaikoura)

Another sunset View (in Kaikoura)

Sunset (in Kaikoura)

Tour Guide (Maori Leap Cave)

Unique Circles (Maori Leap Cave)
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Water and Formations (Maori Leap Cave)

Andrew and Ayden in Macpac (Maori Leap Cave)

Ayden and his Pirate Hat (in Christ Church)

Andrew Munching on a Cookie (in Christ Church)

Heidi Hanging On (near Christ Church)

Heidi, Ayden and Jeanette (near Timaru)

Heidi and Ayden (near Timaru)

Jeanette, Ayden and Heidi under Huge Tree (near Timaru)

What the Toilet ? (near Timaru)

Buildings (in Omaru)

Steampunk (in Omaru)

Heidi and Ayden next to a Well Dressed Car (in Omaru)

Heidi with Ayden Playing the Piano (in Omaru)

Moeraki Boulder

Andrew and Heidi on a Moeraki Bounder

Beach (near Dunedin)
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Jeanette Lisa (in Otago Museum)

Heidi Lass and Andrew Sir Amish (in Otago Museum)

Andrew, Ayden and Jeanette (at the Cadburys Factor in Dunedin)

Jeanette Lapping at the Milk (at the Cadburys Factor in Dunedin)

Taiaroa Head Lighthouse (in Dunedin)

Shiver Me Timbers (in Dunedin)

The Pyramid (in Dunedin)
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Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Jeanette, Ayden and Heidi at Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Alice, Ayden and Jeanette at Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Views from near the Larnach Castle (in Dunedin)

Chinese Gardens (in Dunedin)

Andrew in the Chinese Gardens (in Dunedin)

Chinese Gardens (in Dunedin)

Tunnel Beach (in Dunedin)

Tunnel Beach (in Dunedin)

Heidi on Tunnel Beach (in Dunedin)

Tunnel Beach (in Dunedin)

The Railway Station (in Dunedin)

View of the Ocean from Nugget Point (in Catlans)

Lighthouse at Nugget Point (in Catlans)

Heidi at Nugget Point (in Catlans)

Nugget Point (in Catlans)

Jacks Blowhole (in Catlans)

Jeanette at Purakanui Falls (in Catlans)

Purakanui Falls (in Catlans)

Heidi at Purakanui Falls (in Catlans)
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Ayden (I love it when a plan comes together)

Ayden (Beautiful Blue Eyes)

Heidi (in Papatowai)

Yellow Eyed Penguin (at Curio Bay)

Heidi at the Petrified Forest (at Curio Bay)

Tower (in Invercargill)

Anderson Building (in Invercargill)

Jeanette and Heidi (near Queenstown)

Ayden, Heidi and Jeanette going up the Cable Car (in Queenstown)

Ayden at the top of the Cable Car (in Queenstown)

Views from top of Cable Car (in Queenstown)

Views of Cable Car from top (in Queenstown)

Lady of the Lake (in Queenstown)

Jeanette and Heidi (in Queenstown)

Jeanette, Ayden and Heidi with the Kiwi (in Queenstown)

Jeanette, Ayden and Heidi with the Moa (in Queenstown)

Andrew and Heidi with a Fern Leaf (in Queenstown)

Heidi (at Queenstown Gardens)

Awesome Tree (at Queenstown Gardens)

View (at Queenstown Gardens)

Heidi and Jeanette propping up the Leaning Tower (in Wanaka)

Puzzling World (in Wanaka)

Clay Cliffs (in Omarama)

Heidi at the Clay Cliffs (in Omarama)

Clay Cliffs (in Omarama)

Heidi at the Clay Cliffs (in Omarama)
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Sun Halo (near Twizel)

Snow on Mount Cook (near Tekapo)

Heidi (near Tekapo)

Ayden and Heidi (in Tekapo)

Church of the Good Shepherd (in Tekapo)

Hay Bales (near Geraldine)

Andrew and the Giant Jersey (near Geraldine)

Heidi and Ayden (in Akaroa)

Jeanette and her Hole in One (in Hanmer Springs)
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Heidi and Ayden (at Hanmer Springs)

Ayden and the Balls (Home Sweet Home)

Andrew and Ayden (Cool Dudes)
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Heidi (Looking Gorgeous)