Andrew and Heidi in Hong Kong

View from Hotel Mongkok window near Price Edward subway. Beds like planks
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Ngong Ping - Biggest Buddah in the World (and with those steps probably the highest)

Ngong Ping - Buddah at the top of the stairs

Ngong Ping - Another buddist statue with Heidi

Ngong Ping - View from top.

Po Lin Hall in Ngong Ping (Very impressive)

Ngong Ping - Sign Posts

Ngong Ping Cable Car - 7.2km long - View from window.

Ngong Ping Wisdom Path - Wooden Pole

Ngong Ping Wisdom Path - Wooden Pole with Heidi below it (Note the height)

Andrew in front of Subway Car (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi at Entrance (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Castle (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi holding up Tomorrowland (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi and Andrew on ride (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi looking BLUE after Roller Coaster Ride (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi and Andrew in Autopia (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi and Wall-E (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Andrew trying to remove the sword from the stone (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Andrew at Tarzans Tree House (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi cooling down (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi Wanted for being an illegal genetic experiment (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Disney on Parade (Hong Kong Disney Land)

A film reel girl (Hong Kong Disney Land)

The Little Mermaid (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Toy Story (Hong Kong Disney Land)

The Mickeys (Hong Kong Disney Land)

Heidi with Hong Kong light show in background

Andrew with backdrop of Hong Kong by night

Temple in Hong Kong

Street in Hong Kong

Interesting wall (Used to be rock before facade put on)

King Lee and Heidi in the streets in Hong Kong

Heidi's dragon

Heidi (At the Avenue of the Stars)

Andrew Chan (At the Avenue of the Stars)

Clock Tower (Near Ferry Entrance)

Flags (All lined up)

King Lee and Heidi (On Ferry to Main Island)

Old "Pirate" Ship passing by.

Peak Tram (Note the angles - Its steep - Very steep)

Andrew, Heidi and King Lee (On Peak Tram)

Heidi and Pierce Brosnan (Near Madam Toussads at The Peak)

The Peak (Interesting Building)

Bamboo (They use this rather than metal girders)

Andrew and King Lee at The Peak

Hong Kong by Night (Taken from The Peak)

Hong Kong by Night (Taken from The Peak)

Angel Andrew (and his angel on the left - look carefully)

King Lee (On bus back to station)