Heidi and Andrew at Crystal Springs (and Mt Sheba)

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Forest at Crystal Springs

Mushroom (At Kaapsehoop)

Heidi at Waterfall (At Kaapsehoop)

Andrew at Waterfall (At Kaapsehoop)


Heidi in Forest (At Kaapsehoop)

Battery Creek Waterfall (At Kaapsehoop)

Another Butterfly

Wild Horses (At Kaapsehoop)

Wild Horses in Old Jail (At Kaapsehoop)

Free Range Fairies (At Kaapsehoop)

Interesting Rock Formations (At Kaapsehoop)

Grasshopper (On Car Window)

Stick Insect (Heidi's Pet for the Day)

The Three Rondawels (Mpumalanga)

Interesting Eagle (Mpumalanga)

Rock Art (Near Echo Caves)

Andrew and Moses (Rock Art)

Heidi parading outside the Saloon

Inside Echo Caves

Echo Caves

Echo Caves

Echo Caves

Alfa Omega Caves (The Big Shoe)

Old Lady of the Shoe (The Big Shoe)

Baboon (At Crystal Springs)

Robbers Grave (In Pilgrims Rest)

Kudu (At Crystal Springs)

Giraffe (At Crystal Springs)

A Bird (At Crystal Springs)

Green Snake (Head Shot) (At Crystal Springs)

Green Snake (Whole Body) (At Crystal Springs)
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Butterfly (Very Pretty) (At Crystal Springs)
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Some Locust (Mt Sheba)

Sheba Lookout (At Mt Sheba)

Waterfall (At Mt Sheba)