Francois and Chantal's Wedding at Leopard Lodge

Philip (Still sober and smiling)

The Outside Ceremony Location (Prior to the Ceremony)

The Table Setting

The Menu (On Each Persons Plate)

The Leopard Lodge (Venue of the Wedding)

The Seating Layout

Richard (The Fantastic MC)

Heidi (Smiling Happily)

The Gifts (From the Married Couple)

Chris (Just as Happy)

Tas (Look at Me)

Francois (The Groom Before the Wedding)

Chantal and her father (At the Start of the Wedding)

The Wedding Ceremony

The Minister (Changed at the Last Moment)

Francois and Chantal (Saying their Vows)

Chantal (Saying her Vows)

Francois (A Very Happy Groom)

The Lovely Wedding Couple (After the Ring Exchange)

Chantal (A Very Happy Bride)

At the End of the Ceremony

Francois and Chantal (You May Now Kiss The Bride)

Chantal and Francois (Under the Arch)

Francois (Signing the Register)

Chantal (Signing the Register)
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The Happy Now Married Couple (Francois and Chantal)

The Couple Leaving the Ceremony (Throw the Flowers)

Vultures Circling Above (Who's the Meal Tonight)

Some Snacks Before the Main Meal

... and ...

Chris and Sasha (Smiling and on Time)

Andrew and Heidi

Richard (Making Jokes)

A Moth (From Glasses, to Drunk to Fingers)

Pirate Chris (Arrr Me Maties)

Group Photo of One of the Tables

Group Photo of One of the Tables

Group Photo of One of the Tables

Chantal and Francois (Having the First Dance)

Our Table at the Wedding

The Married Couple and their Immediate Family

Louise (Can't Stop Smiling)

The Venue (From the Outside)

The Love Bug (From the Rear)

The Love Bug Makeup Artists (Partners in Crime)

A Cute Kitty (Sleeping on the Steps Nearby)

Heidi, Louise and Tas (Running Out of Wine)

Heidi, Philip, Richard, Tas and Chris (After the Wedding)