Dogs, Andrew and Heidi in Durban and Caching in Cullinan with Philip

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Dante hiding under the covers

Lyka still as a small puppy

Vodka in her glory at 10 years
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Last Photo of Sasha before she passed away (MHSRIP)

Sign at The Prawn Shack

Andrew (About to fall off his chair) (The Prawn Shack)

Heidi (The Prawn Shack)
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Fire (From a Braai at The Prawn Shack)

The Prawn Shack

Andrew (At The Prawn Shack

Heidi (In a Nature Reserve in Durban)
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Awww cute - Beware of the Dangerous Dog (In Cullinan)

Heid - Climbing Trees (In Cullinan)

"I wish my wife was this dirty" - Written on MY car (In Cullinan)

Windmill (Haunted or not) (In Cullinan)