Andrew & Heidi & Nick & Sandra (In Sydney)

Anthony (Agcnz) and Lyka (On way to Kayak Approach)

Lyka being cuddled
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Matrix Nick (Thats the building the helicopter crashes into)

Heidi, Sandra and Nick (At Wentworth Falls)

Scenic View (At Wentworth Falls)

Heidi and Bubs (At Wentworth Falls)

The Wentworth Falls (This is just the top half)

Nick and Sandra (At Wentworth Falls)

View of the Blue Mountains

Heidi and the Llama (In Leura)

Heidi in front of the Candy Store (In Leura)

Leura Cascades

Andrew in front of the Leura Cascades

The Three Sisters (At Echo Point)

Heidi (At the Three Sisters)

Andrew (At the Three Sisters)

The Blue Mountains (Note the amount of forest)

Cockatoo (At the Three Sisters)

Nick and Sandra (On the Katoomba Scenic Railway - Steepest in the world)

Heidi on a horse (At the Katoomba Mine)

The Katoomba Falls (Again just the top half)

View from a window in the Travelodge Hotel Philip Street

Strange Artwork (At the Rocks)

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nick and Sandra (At Pancakes on the Rocks)

Flea Market (At the Rocks)

Sydney Opera House (From the Rocks)

Sandra (In the measuring circle outside the Opera House)

Heidi (In front of the Sydney Opera House)

Heidi (In front of the Harbour Bridge)

Sydney (By Night)

Darling Harbour (By Night)
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Sydney Opera House (Lit up at night)

Sydney (By Night)

St Marys Cathedral (Central Sydney)

Fountain (Across from St Marys Cathedral)

Cathedral, Sky Tower and Statue (Perspective View)

The Town Hall (Central Sydney)

Pelican (At the Sydney Fish Market)

Heidi (With Sydney by night in the background)

Sydney (At Night from the Monorail)